Anti-Surveillance Stealth Clothing Lets You Conceal Yourself From Prying Eyes

We live in a world where surveillance of public and personal lives of citizens is fast becoming the norm. When in public places, there are CCTV cameras, individuals possibly taking photos and the possibility of many other forms of surveillance. To counter this, Adam Harvey unveiled a clothing line that lets you counter such surveillance measures.

Harvey hoodies

The stealth clothing line-up that Harvey showed off at an exhibition earlier this year is quite unique. And it is becoming increasingly relevant in the wake of things such as PRISM leaks, showing that governments around the globe are increasingly proactive in monitoring their own citizens.

Harvey’s line-up included an eclectic mix of different clothing items. For instance, it includes such hoodies and cloaks that make use of metallic fabric, which is also reflective. Such materials allow the hoodies or cloaks to ward off any heat-imaging cameras because they minimize the heat signature of a person.

Usually, aerial monitoring devices, such as drones, may be used to capture the heat signature of an individual for surveillance purposes. So if you are wearing any of these hoodies, you may be able to dodge such heat-sensing devices.

Another interesting part of Harvey’s works is a purse with very bright LEDs. This purse comes in handy if some other person is trying to take an image of you in a public place. You can simply light up the purse and the person taking the photo will not be able to capture you – rather, he will get a white-washed result, thanks to the LEDs.

Harvey also gave tips on how to apply different hairstyling and makeup applications so that a camera, while capturing your face, is unable to recognize you under all the applied materials. This can be particularly useful for such journalists who need to conceal their identities when trying to expose government-backed scandals.

Courtesy: Slashdot

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