Apple Listed Late 2011 iMac

A bit of a surprise has slipped out with Apple’s recent posting of Thunderbolt support documentation, the distinct possibility of a whole new iMac update to come by the end of the year and the support documents make reference a late 2011 iMac as being part of the group that can handle two Thunderbolt displays simultaneously, along with the MacBook Pro, the Mac mini and the mid 2011 iMac………………


Apple‘s knowledge base article explaining how multiple displays can or cannot be connected to current Macs and it lists both Mid 2011 and Late 2011 versions of the Thunderbolt-equipped iMac. Apple hasn’t released or even announced an iMac for late 2011, indicating that such an announcement might be just around the corner and a potential iMac refresh might include at this point is hard to say. Apple could bump the line with Sandy Bridge processors, but it seems more likely Apple might be considering using the upcoming six-core Sandy Bridge E processors, which are slated to be released around mid-November. Apple may have a tough time cramming all that power into the iMac‘s all-in-one chassis and Apple apparently refers to the education-only 21.5-inch iMac as Late 2011. Apple edited the KB article in question to remove reference to the Late 2011 iMac and rumors of a late 2011 MacBook Pro refresh perhaps could also point to an iMac refresh as well.

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