Apache Promotes Apache Rave, A Social Media Mashup Platform

Social networks are the rage of the day. Social media is the mode of communication and interaction that is being adopted fastest around the globe as of now. Whereas networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn do offer a lot of innovative features, the view behind the screens isn’t very glossy. ┬áThis is because the standards currently used in most widely popular social media networks aren’t standard or are at different levels of maturity from each other. And that’s where Apache Rave steps in to fill the gap.

Apache Rave has been in incubation for about a year. Now, Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has decided it was time for Rave to go a level up and has promoted it to a top-level project.

So what is different about Apache Rave. For a start, it provides a single framework in the sense that all the features used in it have been implemented by ASF or its members organizations. These members organizations gave up their proprietary implementations of these features and instead, opted for them to be used in Rave. The organizations include Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute, OSS Watch, SURFnet, MITRE Corporation and Hippo.

This has resulted in a social media platform which is beautifully integrated so that we can no longer complain of a lack of proper standards on its back. Apache Rave comes with Advanced OpenSocial compliance and support for inter-gadget communication, something which can make things a whole lot easier for users. The group and user privacy policies implemented in Rave are also being hailed as far better than most contemporaries.

The project has just gotten out of incubation. However, many organizations are already using it. For instance, Hippo has plans of integrating Rave into its platform. For those who do wish to try their hands on it, Apache Rave is available for download here.

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Salman Latif is a software engineer with a specific interest in social media, big data and real-world solutions using the two.Other than that, he is a bit of a gypsy. He also writes in his own blog. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter .

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