App Store Developers Earn A Lot More Than Google Play Developers

With the launch of smartphone, tablets and of online App stores, things have been really good for the developers. Showcasing an app online has become really easy and if it pitches in with the users, the developers get to make good money out of it. A study by Flurry Analytics has now revealed that App Store generates a lot more revenue for the app developers than Amazon Appstore or Google Play.

During the study, Flurry took into consideration the top-ranked apps in three app stores: Apple’s App Store, Amazon’s Appstore and Google’s Google Play. The apps which were selected were those who generate their revenue primarily from in-app purchases. The revenue of these apps was then measured for a period of 45 days.

For the sake of an understandable comparison, Flurry devised a simple method to compare the revenues for developers on each app store, ‘We start by taking the revenue generated in the iTunes App Store and setting it to 100%.  We then compare the relative revenue generated from Amazon and Google to the amount of revenue generated by the iTunes App Store.’

So when the results regarding the revenues of the selected apps were analysed, Flurry found out that if an App Store developer was to get 100% revenue, the developer of Amazon Appstore will get to have 89% the same amount whereas Android developers will be far behind with their 23%.  This shows that Apple’s online business model has been successful in paying the developers a lot better than others – and that may be the very reason why a lot of developers seem a lot more interested in developing iOS apps.

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