Apple Bumps Up App Store Base Price To €0.89 In European Countries

While many Apple customers were outraged by the pricing of the iPad Mini tablet, European customers have another reason to be mad — Apple has made some changes to App Store pricing tiers in several European countries. Instead of the base of €0.79 for an application, the lowest price in many countries has been bumped up to €0.89.

App Store

Apple has increased pricing in nearly every European tier, including the €0.79 through €7.99 selections. The matrix bumped up pricing up an extra €0.61 in some cases.

So far, these changes have went live in Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Hungary, Russia, Ireland, and Finland.

The main cause behind the increase in prices is fluctuation with the exchange rate over the past few years. Apple is based in United States and is constantly converting euros to American dollars.

Added to this change, residents of the following countries can finally purchase App Store content using their country’s respective currencies – Russia, Turkey, India, Indonesian, Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and UAE.

Source: 9to5mac

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