WordPress.com Was Down For 110 Minute, 10.5 Millione Site Down

It’s the first time WordPress ever face such huge and big downtime in their Four Glory years of Service. All Site Hosted by WordPress.com was down, including VIP hosting too. Tech Site Like TechCrunch and GigaOm were down too. But its running in full capacity and everything is recovered and still no news of data lost.

WordPress.com says it’s “back running at full capacity,” as of around 3:30pm Pacific. There’s a summary here. WordPress says the 110-minute outage took down 10.2 million sites, costing them 5.5 million page views. Apparently an unexpected router change at a WordPress data center provider was responsible.

Automattic, the developer of WordPress and WordPress.com, is posting updates via Twitter. The first message acknowledging that service was down went up at around 2pm Pacific. At around 3pm, WordPress.com posted this message from Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg: “We’re investigating the source and most expedient fix. I hope to have everyone’s blogs back & running as soon as possible.”

They also confirmed Akismet or any other Service by Automattic is not affected.

Though we TheTechJournal.com also hosted by WordPress Software but we are self hosted by HostDotInfo.com and Maintain by A. R. Communications. We are not affected in any way.

M Asif Rahman

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