Apple Gets $100 Million From Google Annually For iPhone Google Search!

Could you imagine that! That’s a lot of money. And it’s only for a making the search engine default in a device. Yes, I’m talking about Apple, specifically iPhone. Apple gets 100 million US Dollar for the search deal, according to ihackinrosh & Business Insider. Apple is getting it annually for making the Google search engine default in their ultimate smartphone – iPhone.

According to Business Insider:

Our source tells us “there’s too many options” for search on the market, so there’s no reason for Apple to build its own search engine.

Another reason Apple might not want to build its own search engine: It’s getting over $100 million a year from Google in its revenue share deal, according to our source.

For Apple, that’s not a lot of money. But, it’s enough that it doesn’t make sense for Apple to put considerable resources towards building its own Internet search engine. And, if Apple wanted more money or options, there’s Microsoft — with Bing and a big checkbook.

According to a report from Business Week, it showed that Apple and Microsoft are in talk of making Bing the default search provider for the iPhone. Looks like Microsoft might be offering a great amount of money in order to convince Apple to change its search engine.

Another reason for ditching Google as the default search engine, is that Apple is trying to compete with Google in any way it can. For example Apple have purchased Google Maps competitor known as Placebase. Nevertheless, Apple had also purchased Quattro Wireless, thus entering the mobile advertisement business, competing with Google’s AdMob.

Sources: iHackintosh, Business Insider


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