Apple Granted Patent For Method To Refine Curved Glass For Displays

Apple keeps patenting all kinds of new ideas and methods, even if most of them may not see the light of the day. In a recent instance, the company was granted a patent by USPTO which concerns with a method to refine curved glass which can then be used in a device’s display.

Curved glass

This is not the first time we are hearing about curved glass displays. In fact, in the past, a number of other vendors have already made use of such displays in their devices. It is important to note that the granted patent is not about the curved glass displays themselves, rather about a specific method to refine curved glass.

Apple’s method is certainly neat in that the company has envisioned a way of curving glass along definite molds simply by providing heat to it. This bends the glass to the kind of mold Apple would want it to bend to and obtain the required shape for, say, use in a smartphone’s display.

The patent claims that the method leads to a high-quality curved glass without essentially making use of any hazardous chemicals in the process.

Does this mean that we may soon say Apple devices with curved glass displays? Nothing can be said of Apple’s future plans, especially not by inferring from its patents which keep rolling out. At best, we can simply surmise that the company may be exploring different options for its future products.

Source: USPTO

Courtesy: Engadget

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