Apple May Introduce NFC Technology In Future Devices

A number of smartphone vendors such as Samsung and Nokia are already making use of NFC in their mobile devices. Many people speculated that Apple would also introduce NFC technology in its future devices. In a recently granted patent, Apple has spoken about the use of NFC technology, lending hope to the possibility that the company may finally offer it in the coming days.

Apple NFC

Near-field communications, or NFC, essentially allows devices to interact with each other when held close. The communication that takes place through NFC is really fast, thus making it a very useful feature.

The patent that Apple has recently been granted is titled ‘System and method for simplified data transfer’ and it talks about such technology which enables devices to share data automatically. The company has also hinted in the patent description that such a technology may be used in future devices.

Interestingly, the patent doesn’t limit the use of NFC to mobile devices alone. Rather, it envisions that such peer-to-peer communications technology can be used in a whole range of products, including computers, game controllers, Apple TV and more.

While this is hopeful for such Apple users who’ve been waiting for NFC, there’s a catch to it. Apple hasn’t formally announced the use of NFC in any of its upcoming products. So either the company is simply readying the technology for use in distant future or it intends to unveil it as a surprise feature in the products it is set to launch this September.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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