Apple Patents A New Wireless Headset With Built-In MP3 Player

Apple keeps patenting a number of innovative ideas and break-through technologies. This is not to say that all these will see the light of the day some time but we at least do know what we can expect in upcoming Apple products. Now, Apple has been granted a patent for a Bluetooth headset that has a built-in MP3 player with it.

The patent that Apple has been granted is titled ‘Wireless headset with integrated media player.’ The name pretty much suggests what the patent is about. It talks about Bluetooth headphones which could also be used as a media player when the user feels like it. This media player will be an independent player meaning that it will not require to be coupled with some other external device.

One of the vital uses of such a headset, as described in the patent description, is that it could be used to record conversations and play audio files whenever the user feels like it. The device can also be used via voice commands which means it has a possible potential for use of Sir, Apple’s voice-based assistant. But Siri has a knack of using a lot of battery power, which can not be provided in a headset with the proposed design.

Apple has long gotten of the Bluetooth headset game. It launched one back in 2007 but eventually, discontinued it. Interestingly, this current patent has also been filed as far back as 2008. So it could be that it is something that Apple had plans for but eventually dropped them.

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