Apple Planning New Macs

Apple may be planning on unveiling an all new Mac that is absolutely different from current products and the report seems to claim the product will be so different from current product lines that it will indeed be given a new name. It could be entirely possible that Apple is working on some sort of device running on a combination of OS X and iOS, especially given the iDevice-like features found on Lion and Apple will switch the Mac platform to ARM. Apple even threatened Intel that they’d be taking their business elsewhere unless Intel could get a handle on their mobile chips’ voracious hunger for battery power………….

Apple may be preparing to introduce a distinct family next-generation Mac designs unlike anything seen to date and claims Apple with the help of its component suppliers is gearing up to introduce Macs that are absolutely different from current products, possibly by the end of this year. Following the arrival of the refreshed MacBook Air range Apple is reported to be planning to release an all new Mac offering later this year, new reports have suggested. Specs, features and release details are all a thing of speculation with the new devices a possible replacement for the MacBook range that was discontinued with the launch of the latest range of MacBook Air machines. Other possibilities have suggested that the much mooted MacBook Pro refresh could account for the mystery machines with the high-end laptops expected to get an air-esque makeover dropping the pounds and inches. A potential iOS come OS hybrid device has also been rumoured.



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