Apple Plans iTunes Store And App Store Redesign This Year

Apple’s iTunes Store has propelled the company the top of the list when it comes to digital music. iTunes music is one of the most wildly popular services for most iOS users. About three years earlier, Apple launched a major revamp of the design of the iTunes Store. Now, Apple is planning yet another design revamp of iTunes Store which is sure to strike chord with the iTunes users. Specifically, Apple is aiming at making the process of discovering new songs, music on iTunes much more easier for user to discover through this new design.

One reason why Apple is suddenly concerned about improving iTunes Store can be the fact that a number of new online services are gaining popularity in US, which include Spotify and Amazon’s online music store. However, for now, Apple is the king of digital music because of the iTunes Store and the new expected redesign will ensure this crown for many more years.

Apple will specifically work on improving the efficiency and speed of discovering new content on iTunes. Users have been complaining that discovering new content through iTunes is quite hard and this had been one set-back for iTunes users. Now, Apple aims to eliminate this problem. ¬†According to Apple, it aims to make iTunes Store a much more ‘engaging experience.’

Also, Apple plans to keep the entire store accessible through the application and has no plans of converting it into an in-browser experience. The new features that Apple plans on including in the new design are iTunes Music, TV Shows, Movies, App Store and most probably iBookstore. Most probably this all-new iTunes Store is expected to be rolled out by fall this year.

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