Snakebot: Surveillance Robots Coming With Sense & Intelligence

Scientists have been trying to input some Sense and and Intelligence like human in Robots for quite long time. Future-generation robots are being prepared with this two natural thing. As, the future robots will have sense and intelligence, so they can defend, protect and hide themselves from danger. Here we have details about Snakebot, the sensible robot.

Isn’t it better to send a Robot to die or for surveillance in any war rather than sending soldiers? But, sometime it’s not possible as they don’t have artificial sense and intelligence. They can’t do the exact thing what a soldier or human could do. Last spring, the Advanced Technologies Laboratory at Lockheed Martin unveiled a prototype. Its not only can detect potential threats and calculate lines of sight but also it uses its sensors to locate good hiding places.

Its true that with advance technology, next-generation surveillance robots will likely combine sensors that contains more-powerful artificial intelligence and stealthy body. Its shape has been considered as Snake. In other words, it can be called Snakebot. This types of robots are known as Biobot (Biological Robot). This is developed by a team at the Bio-robotics and Bio-mechanics Lab at the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology. The robot is designed to crawl under floorboards, coil up and stand upright for a better view. It could infiltrate sewage pipes and it could even shed one of its segments. It is the perfect one for assassination missions as it can drop off audio bugs or explosive warheads without any risk of life.

What is Snakebot
From top to bottom, Snakebot is 6 foot in height which consists of polymer segments. The polymer segment is connected by flexible joints and runs through electric motors. The software controls the movement and determines the best mode of traveling method according to the situation(whether to wriggle or roll or corkscrew). It moves forward by undulating the body slowly in a limited space, but it is faster in side-winding. It can easily roll on a flat surface. Just like Snakes, it also can move on stairs and other vertical obstacles.

Technology and Movement
The robot has laser-radar cameras that can scan the environment to determine the distance. By rotation of 360 degrees, it can generate a ‘point cloud’ of readings that comes with dots. The software decodes the dots and turn them into a 3D Model of the surroundings. Through model, the robot is not only able to determine threats and assess but also it can navigate toward hiding spots and steer clear of dangerously exposed areas. The sensors are highly advanced. 4 directional microphones helps the robot to detect approaching humans. It can calculate a threat’s location by analyzing the time. It will find its hiding place if necessary by using the data of sound reaching time and speed.

We believe that this future generation surveillance robots will rock on the battle ground. What do you think Guys? Don’t forget to mention in comments below.

Source : PopSci, Biobot

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