Apple Ready To Hand Out Its Nano-SIM Technology For Free

Apple, Motorola Mobility, Nokia and RIM among others are locked in a fierce tug-of-war over which company gets to have its nano-SIM technology deemed the standard for European Telecommunications Standards Institute(ETSI). We reported earlier that Apple had registered six subsidiaries with ETSI which can bring a lot of votes to Apple’s side. But given a lot of opposition, Apple is ready to relent further on its demands and has now offered its nano-SIM technology for free.

It has been reported that last week, Apple sent a letter to ETSI in which Apple said that it was ready to offer the patents of its non-SIM technology to mobile device makers for free, if ETSI decides to choose it as the standard. However, Apple did add that it will do so at one condition. In return for this favor, given the fact that such patents typically cost a fortune, Apple wants these device makers to adopt Apple’s technology as a standard ¬†and offer ‘same terms in accordance with the principle of reciprocity.’

The chief concern over Apple’s ambitions regarding this particular arena are that if Apple’s nano-SIM technology is indeed selected as the industry standard, that will give the already-powerful company a lot of sway in the market. However, Apple is trying to win such dissidents by making such offers as this.

The final verdict as to which company’s technology is adopted as the industry standard will come later this week when the voting is scheduled to take place. The major contenders include Apple, Motorola Mobility, Nokia and RIM. And Apple’s chances are by no way bleak.

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