Apple SIM – A Reprogrammable SIM Of Apple, No Need To Use Other SIM

The mobile phones we use have a place for SIM which can’t be reprogrammed. So, if a person wants to use a SIM of other network, then he/she has to replace the SIM. But Apple has dreamed of bringing a reprogrammable SIM called Apple SIM.

iPhone and SIM

Apple knows very well about how to do business. The company is adamant bringing revolution in its products since the very beginning. However, during October 16 event where Apple announced iPad Air 2iPad mini 327-inch iMac and more, the company sounded the death knell for the ubiquitous and reprogrammable SIM card called Apple SIM. Apple hinted that it is beginning the switch to a reprogrammable SIM that will enable a change in carriers and networks with a simple software tweak.

SIM and Tray

AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM-technology based companies, while Sprint and Verizon are CDMA-technology based companies. At present, people using SIM of AT&T or other can’t switch to other networks without changing the SIM. But Apple SIM will be completely different. A person using Apple SIM will no need to buy any other SIM and will be able to switch to other carriers, use their networks and choose pricing plans. All can be done through user-friendly software alone.

Apple SIM Tray

Many mobile companies have appreciated Apple SIM. History indicates where Apple goes, other manufacturers usually follow it. So within a year or two, you’ll probably never see a SIM card in an Apple product again. You may not even see a tray. And that’s may not impossible for Apple as we have seen Apple getting things what it wants in terms of dealings with SIM cards in the past seven years.

Well Apple SIM is really appreciable, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Only time can say where it’ll be ended. Just keep an eye on us.

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