Apple Store Employees Begin Training For iOS 5 And iCloud

Apple has started the regular training process for the Apple Store employees on iCloud and iOS 5 and  Apple Store employees’ training is done via a new method this time with an internal RetailMe application. The iPhone 5 is also expected to come out along with the iOS 5 and it s traditional that the Apple Store employees will get trained weeks before a new product launch and this almost confirms us that the iOS 5 might be coming out in just weeks………………

Apple Store employees have reportedly begun training for iOS 5 and iCloud, the training is done through a new section inside the internal RetailMe application. The source on the other hand of this report is quite trustworthy and Apple is providing employees information about the upcoming products via a new section in The Daily Download app, which is an internal application.

From 9to5Mac:

As Apple’s yet-to-be-made-official fall festivities approach, we’ve heard that Apple has begun iOS 5 and iCloud training with retail store employees. According to these sources, training is done through a new section inside of the company’s recently released internal RetailMe application.

The first part of the document itself states:

iOS 5 and iCloud are just around the corner – it’s time to prepare for the next generation of mobile innovation. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be presenting a series covering everything you’ll need to know to provide our customers with the best iOS experience. This week, learn some new features of iOS 5 and iCloud.

iCloud is Apple’s next-generation cloud storage solution which will store and sync user data such as email, app data, music, photos, videos etc. across iOS devices and PCs/Macs. It was announced at WWDC in June this year and it will be replacing Apple’s previous MobileMe. iOS 5 is the next major release of Apple’s mobile operating system and brings over new features with major ones being an all new Notification Center, OTA updates, wireless syncing, Twitter integration and iMessages. Apple typically starts training its retail store staff around two weeks ahead of the launch and since iOS 5 and iCloud are expected to be released couple of days before the iPhone 5 launch.



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