Apple to Launch iPod Touch with 3G and VoIP Compatibility [Rumor]

We have been hearing a lot of rumor lately about Apple announcing iPhone 5 later this year. But what if we tell you that Apple may launch a new iPod Touch with 3G and VoIP capabilities?

Some reports claim that Apple will be releasing an iPod Touch with 3G capabilities just like the iPad. But the source from which the rumor originated has no sound history about the rumors. Applespot .NI reports:

This will be as his work as the iPhone, where you have a 3G subscription from your ISP, then the SIM card into your iPod Touch key. The choice to add to 3G iPod Touch lineup is not even a very bad idea from Apple, it was obviously true. The only question is how this is received by the telecom farmers, since the use of Skype then will shoot up considerably.

Well, if this happens I can certainly say that majority of users may ditch iPhone and go for iPod Touch 3G as they would be able to use VoiP and other 3G supported applications. Can Apple release something which affects the demand of other Apple products especially iPhone? We cannot say that right now. Lets see what the officials have to say about this statement.

What do u guys think about this? Will they launch iPod Touch 3G in the near future?

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