Apple Will Make a Futuristic Spaceship Campus

Apple published new renderings of its plans for the spaceship mega campus that will be built in Cupertino. The updated plans show the grey roof of the campus, a private jogging path, and parking plans for the auditorium. There are also information about the expansion of the corporate fitness center, from the previous proposal of 25,000 square feet to 45,000 square feet.

The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs first revealed the plans in June. The complex has a surface of 2.8 million square-foot and its round shape has a wider diameter than the Pentagon. This mega office building is designed to house 13,000 Apple employees. At the unveil, Steve Jobs presented the complex’ shape as “It’s a little like a spaceship landed,” and he later added that Apple has the chance of “building the best office building in the world”.

However, not everyone was impressed by Apple’s project and, the Los Angeles Times depicted the architecture as a “retrograde cocoon”, while The New Yorker’ had a more drastic approach calling Apple’s project “a gigantic donut” and considered the lack of functionality a little scary. If Apple receives all the necessary approvals, the futuristic building can be ready for a big opening sometime in 2015, despite all the critics.


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