Hillcrest Labs Plans To Bring Motion Control To Smartphones And Tablets

For nearly a decade now, Hillcrest Labs has been the company which has been licensing its motion control software to a number of companies such as Sony, Roku and LG Electronics. That alone indicates the expertise of the company when it comes to creating motion control software. Now, in a press release, Hillcrest has announced that it will be bringing its motion control software to smartphones and tablets.

The motion control software by Hillcrest is called ‘Freespace.’ The standard of the company’s products can be gauged from the fact that it bagged the prestigious 2012 CES Innovations Honoree Award in two different categories.

The company has now made its motion control software for the mobile platform, called Freespace MotionEngine for Mobile, available to manufacturers of smartphones and tablets. This software is an embedded software solutions that greatly enhances the performance of motions sensors in smartphone and tablets. The software can make the use of current motion-based applications on the mobile platform transform into an all-new experience for the users.

According to a senior principal analyst, MEMS ‘Smartphones are becoming more and more advanced, ushering in new applications for medical services, navigation, augmented reality, gaming, and more.¬†Hillcrest has a track record of providing advanced motion control products to some of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers in the world. As the demand for more sophisticated motion control technology grows within the smartphone and tablet industries, companies are now seeking more versatile software that provides a common platform to allow innovation across devices.’

Given the company’s track record of producing top-of-the-range motion control software, Hillcrest stands a real chance of garnering a fair support in transporting its software to the mobile platform. But then, that will greatly depend on the willingness of smartphone and tablet vendors.

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