Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2012 Scheduled For June 11-15

One of the most anticipated event by Apple developers around the world is the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Now, Apple has announced the dates of the next conference which is scheduled to take place less than two months from now on the dates June 11th to June 15th.

The conference is an exquisite event in that it is an excellent learning opportunity for a lot of programmers. Imagine being in the middle of some 100 sessions, all of them about iOS and OS X. Even if a programmer is able to catch a fraction of these sessions live, he can learn a lot from them. Moreover, one gets to have a lot of choice with so many sessions being offered.

This year, Apple has new plans for the event. The company intends to have one such student attend the event who can not afford the conference ticket on his own. Apple will be offering one student scholarship program for that purpose.

WWDC is also important because Apple has often used the occasion to reveal newer products and services. For instance, during the last WWDC, Apple first unveiled iCloud and also introduced iOS 5. So perhaps this year, we can hope that Apple may introduced iOS 6 during the event. However, catching the event live, though would be lot of fun and entertaining, may turn out to be a little on the pricey side for many, being offered at $1,599 at Apple’s official website.

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