Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) Development Tools Launched By HP

HP has launched a number of new tools to speed up application development lifecycles. The company announced a plethora of software suites, services and tools to this end. The tools are particularly focused on mobile apps and cloud-based solutions. With the help of these new tools, HP hopes that it will be able to provide better options for in-group collaborations.

The new features introduced by HP are very useful in that they can let the developers create mobile apps for mere days, rather than taking months as is conventionally the case. According to the vice president and GM of application transformation solutions at HP, ‘Today, modern enterprise applications require a much different approach to original design and testing phases than traditional software applications.¬†Overall, HP ensures that enterprise applications provide the highest level of quality, security, availability and scalability while elevating the user experience to an entirely new level.’

Also, the Application Lifecycle Intelligence enables one to keep track of the developers who are working on every stage of the project and their respective input at that stage. This can be extremely useful in monitoring the overall progress of the project as well as the individual performance of the developers.

With the help of the new Enterprise Collaboration suite by HP, you can have real-time conversations about the source code. These conversations can then be linked to action items and so, the entire team can benefit from them.

HP also plans on announcing a number of new development tools in the coming weeks. These upcoming tools will be primarily focused towards Machine-to-Machine projects.

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