Assange’s Appeal To Reopen Case Rejected By Supreme Court

The case of Julian Assange is proceeding at a past pace, almost at a pace that makes us wonder that perhaps U.K’s legal authorities want to get rid of Assange as soon as possible and want to push him to Sweden. We reported earlier that Assange filed a request to the Supreme Court to re-open his extradition appeal. And now, the Supreme Court has rejected the appeal.

On May 30, Supreme Court gave its first decision to extradite Assange. The legal team defending Assange tried hard to keep the discussion open by arguing that a certain clause of Vienna convention needs to be discussed thoroughly before the SC gives such a decision. However, SC refused to hear of it claiming that Assange’s legal team should have brought this up earlier when they had time.

Now that SC has again rejected the appeal and shown its eager willingness to extradite Assange, the founder of Wikileaks will be extradited to Sweden soon. 14 days from now, the extradition spell will begin which will last for ten days and Assange will have to be extradited to Sweden within those ten days. In other words, he will be taken to Sweden between June 29th and July 8th.

Nothing rosy waits for Assange at Sweden where the legal system has been criticized bitterly for treating the accused as confirmed criminals. Assange will have to face pre-trial detainment and can be restricted from meeting more or less anyone except a lawyer and a priest. He also won’t have access to TV, radio and newspapers, which goes on to show what kind of a legal system he is about to argue his case in.

Source: U.K. Supreme Court

Courtesy: WLCentral

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