AUO Vice President “OLED TV Panels Are Not Feasible In Commercial Use Until 2014”

It’s looks like we have to stillĀ  wait a few more years at least according to Paul Peng AUO vice president. OLED TV panels won’t be feasible in cost. While the technology has been getting cheaper and more efficient as of late, Paul Peng says that the production costs are still too high and yield rates too low for large OLED TVs to be feasible for commercial use any time before 2014.

LG-Displays CEO says that the company want to introduce a 55 inch OLED-TV in mid 2012. Instead of investing in OLED displays for mobile applications, the company will now put all its efforts into large screen sizes for TVs: LG-Display will launch a 55-inch OLED TV by the second half next year.
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