Get Iron Man Suit In Reality For $2,000 And Be A Part Of Mass Production

Although it has been reported it may cost you $1.6-billion to be an Iron Man, there are many companies now who are trying to make Iron Man style suit in reality with as less cost as possible. Even we have seen the US Army researchers working on to build Iron Man-style combat suit for its soldiers. And now, China based Iron Man Factory is looking to crowdfund the creation of a full-sized, fully wearable Iron Man suit. The project is seeking 5K pre-orders for production run.

Iron Man Suit

The Iron Man suit which the Iron Man Factory is building is called Iron Man Mark III. The suit will be crafted from injection-molded pieces made with reinforced polymer. A sensor on the side of the helmet will open and close the face mask. AAA battery-powered LED lights provide the glow.

Iron Man Mark III Helmet

This suit won’t let anyone fly or shoot at something powerful lasers. It won’t even keep you safe if you are hit by a bus. Unfortunately, this suit has some size restrictions. It will only fit people between 5 feet 6 inches and 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Iron Man Suit

At present, Iron Man Factory is seeking for 5,000 pre-orders of $1,999 to pull of a full production run. Once that’s achieved, it will take up to 8 months to make the suits and get them shipped.

Iron Man Suit Hand Shape

Many people are saying that this will be the best superhero Halloween costume that they can buy. You can pre-order the injection-moulded suit for $1,999.

Making Method Of Iron Man Helmet

If you don’t to wait, then you can buy a 3D-printed a suit for $35,000 which will be delivered in 3 months. In addition, you can also grab the helmet for $1,800 if you want to mount it on the wall over the fireplace.

Source: Iron Man Factory
Thanks To: Techcrunch

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