Back to the Mac

Apple invite media for their new event “Back to the Mac”.The event is for the next major version of Mac OS X Lion.The event Back to the Mac hold on October 20…..

Apple today sent invitations to the press to a special event on October 20. The teaser says only “Back to the Mac” but shows an image of a metal Apple logo with a lion in the background, hinting that Mac OS X 10.7 may be codenamed Lion. A preview of the next version of the OS is expected to come at the event.Few if any details of the new OS haven’t been revealed, but Apple is believed to be working on one revolutionary feature that would affect the deepest level of Mac OS X. It would involve the web as a major component.

The other most likely candidate is a portable refresh that could include a new 11.6-inch MacBook Air believed coming now that stocks are running low. Apple is rumored to be switching to ultra-low voltage Core i3, i5 or i7 chips and focusing on a lower price than the $1,500, 13-inch existing model. Other MacBook models could receive a modest update as well now that faster Intel mobile chips and newer NVIDIA mobile graphics are available.


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