Boeing Plans To Equip 787 Dreamliner With Android-Based Entertainment Systems

Boeing has been planning, since quite some time, to enter the realm of technology more directly. We were told earlier that the company had plans of launching an Android phone of its own, plans which haven’t been talked about ever since. Now, at least the company is integrating better technology in its existing venues.

According to reports, Boeing will be equipping the Boeing 787 Dreamliner with Android-based entertainment systems. The Dreamliner is a wide-body and long-range, twin-engine jet airline and is spacious enough to carry hundreds of passengers at a given time.

Essentially, the company will integrate two Android-based entertainment systems on the plane. These two systems include the Panasonic ex3 and the Thales TopSeries Avant.

The latter had already been integrated by the company in its 787  Dreamliner of Qatar Airways. The 787 which Qatar Airways has Business and Economy class. Whereas the former has 10-inch screens, the latter has 7-inch screens. The in-flight entertainment and connectivity solution (IFEC) will include a STMicro dual-core ARM processor, 1GB of RAM and 256 GB storage space.

Moreover, an Android handset will accompany the Thales TopSeries Avant IFEC to enable the users to use such apps which are not very well suited for the large screens. The version of Android that will be used to run on these systems will most probably be Android 2.3 or Android 3.0.

Courtesy: Extreme Tech

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