Swype Beta v3.26 Brings Dragon Dictation And A Better Context Understanding

As Swype just announced on the company website, now the fans will be able to conquer the words with their voice after the popular keyboard replacement for Android smartphones put this power at the users’ fingertips. Of the industry observers who carefully monitored the Nuance Communication’s strategy lately, the release was expected.

Nuance bought Swype last year and it awas only a matter of time until Nuance’s popular speech to text app Dragon Dictation would be integrated in a powerful keyboard app. The latest update of Swype brings new language modeling technology that allows the app to be context aware. This new feature is reported of offering 40% more prediction accuracy. As Siri, Swype with Dragon Dictation is still in beta and it will “learn” from the user to deliver more precise results. For now, Swype offers support for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish but more languages will be added soon.

To further strengthen the position on the market Nuance recently bought Vlingo, a company known for its voice recognition technology able to interpret commands issued in a natural tone of voice and to comply to these commands with appropriate actions. The vocal interface was estimated by Nuance at a $5 billion market opportunity, not only in the computer industry but also as a way of interacting with cars, TV sets, and many more.


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