Can Project Glass Lead To Augmented Reality Contact Lenses?

Now that Google has spread its cards on the table and we know well how awesome and cutting-edge Google glasses are, things are already heating up as to the sheer possibilities this may lead to. For instance, now that we do know that augmented reality glasses are very real and practical, could it be that eventually we get to have something like augmented reality contact lenses, taking things to an even micro level?

Interestingly, one of the engineers on Google’s Project Glass is Babak Parviz. Parviz is an associate professor at the University of Washington. He specializes in bionanotechnology and has been involved in a project which aimed at creating single pixel contact lens display. The project culminated in the actual creation of such lenses which were then tested on live animals.

Parviz is already a part of the Project Glass. And given his experience with contact lens display, we can expect that Google may take the whole augmented reality concept to an even more nano level. Say, all the functions that are performed by these Google glasses are shifted to the contact lenses. While we are still in a single-pixel-contact-lens-display world, we can still hope that one day such contact lenses may be available which would allow us to read emails, find directions, send messages and do a lot more.

The hardest part in accomplishing this would be to port all the hardware that went into the glasses onto a nifty, tiny contact lense. But then, in a world fast going nano, this is not too impossible in the coming future.

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