China Launches Super Fast Test Train Capable Of Travelling 310 MPH

Though in February 2011, Liu Zhijun, former Railways Ministry chief of China, was accused of pocketing $122 million USD and subsequently terminated from his position from corruption charges and in July 2011, a collision between two high-speed trains in Wenzhou killed at least 40 people and injured another 210, for which, construction of new high-speed trains in China had been Halt nearly, this past weekend, China’s largest train provider CSR Corp Ltd. launched a new high speed test train, which is able to cross 310 mile (500 Kilometer) per hour. New shape, design, technology, all in one in this train has been made to resemble an ancient Chinese sword.

China's New Super Fast Train

The train consists of six cars, reinforced with carbon fiber and has a maximum tractive power of 22,800 kilowatts. “It will provide useful reference for current high-speed railway operations,” said Shen Zhiyun, a train expert. As China’s high-speed trains derail because of using low-quality materials to build the tracks, the country had to drop both the top speed of trains from 218 mph to 186 mph and costly ticket prices for the use of high-speed trains. Therefore, these problems led to slowed construction of the rail system.

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“Future Chinese trains will not necessarily run at such high speeds,” CSR chairman Zhao Xiaogang told the Beijing Morning News. He also said, “We aims to ensure the safety of trains operation.” That’s why, China is going to spend 1 Trillion USD on High Speed Rail.

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