US To Release Redesigned $100 Banknote With New Security Features

Advances in design software and high-resolution copying and printing have made it easier for counterfeiters to print fake money and harder for retailers to spot the forgeries. Keeping that in mind, the US government is about to bring a redesigned $100 banknote with new security features.

$100 Banknote With New Security Features

The $100 bank note you see above is a redesigned banknote. Although the redesigned banknote was supposed to come earlier, but due to some “unexpected production challenges,” the $100 banknote faced “unexpected production delays.” However, the note will come soon and there will be several new security features in that note such as a blue 3D security ribbon and a bell and inkwell logo.

The 3D security ribbon will be woven into the note (not printed on it). It features images of 100s that change into bells and move upwards or sideways depending on how you tilt the paper. There will be a green bell within a copper-coloured inkwell to the right of the blue ribbon. The 100 number in the bottom right-hand corner shifts from copper to green.

That’s not all. The redesigned banknote also includes raised “intaglio” printing that gives the notes a distinctive feel, and micro-printed words that are difficult to read without magnification.

According to the US Federal Reserve, the $100 banknote is the most counterfeited of all US banknotes, but due to these changed features, it will be difficult for anybody to replicate the note. Besides, there will be a portrait watermark and an embedded security thread that glows pink under ultraviolet light.

Courtesy: BBC

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