Awesome Chinese Concept Train Never Stops At Any Stations

Modern-day trains are all about speed and timeliness. So a new concept video from China now envisions a train which never stops to pick or drop passengers. Rather, it simply relies on attachable compartments to do so.

Chinese concept train

The idea is certainly futuristic but it appears very possible and may well be the future of trains. Here is how it works: the train passes a station at its full speed. At a height which is approximately the same as the train’s roof, is another rail line which contains a single compartment.

As soon as the train passes the station, the compartment slides on top of the train and attaches itself to the train. Meanwhile, the compartment which is already on the incoming train gently slides off and stops at the station. So if any passengers have to take off at the station, they move from the main train to the compartment above.

Similarly, if any passengers have to board the train, they move from the station to the compartment which will be attached to the train as it passes. This is certainly a very impressive concept and the video posted below explains it well. However, it remains to be seen how practically and financially viable such a concept trains turns out to be.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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