Larry Page Expected To Deliver Good Financial Results on Q1

As it has already been in the news for a while, Larry Page became the new CEO of Google Inc. earlier this month. The 38 year old was the co-founder of the internet search giant. Since the introduction, Google has been a great success.

Upon appointing the previous CEO, Eric Schmidt, it became more profitable day by day. Even as of now, past seven quarters out of eight has seen great profits. The legacy is expected to continue with the upcoming report from the company after the market closes today.

With Page as CEO, a lot of people are expecting major management decisions and innovations in the way the company has been running. But all that is similarly important as the financial success of the company. Competitions like social networking giant Facebook has made critics a bit anxious about the future profits with this company.

All these reflect quite unusually to the fact that Google Inc. is a very big company with over twenty four thousand employees. Managing them is not going to be an easy task for Page, along with the upcoming recruitment competition between them and Facebook again putting these two head to head.

If Google is to win this with Page as the lead General, they will have to come up with something that is more lucrative to users rather than Facebook. The continuous development is also going to be a great inspiration to all those that are monitoring or worried the stock prices compared to that of Facebook.

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