Chinese Demand For iPhone 4S Is Extra-ordinary, Says Apple CEO

Apple recently announced it’s quarterly report and outdid all estimates in it’s total profits. However, Apple hadn’t launched iPhone 4S in China last quarter or we could have seen a huge spike in the present figures. Now as Apple gears up the sales of iPhone 4S in China, launched there only in January this year, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook says that the demand that is totally off-the-charts! He says that iPhone 4S sales are doing an excellent business there. This means a huge quarterly profit for Apple this year who plans to partner with China Telecom, another major Chinese carrier, in the coming days.

Apple had plans of retail sales of the device on it’s own but had to back off from these plans as we saw a huge crowd gather in front of it’s store in Beijing and cause a lot of problem. Apple is now doling out the devices through reseller stores, online store and through iPhone’s official carrier in the country, China Unicom.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO says that Apple is very happy with the staggering demand for iPhone 4S in the country. Analysts had already speculated that a market as large as China can bring a major boast to the overall sales of Apple devices. And this is exactly happening now. In fact, as Apple aspires to collaborate with China Telecom, this shows Apple has great plans for it’s Chinese market. China Telecom has hundreds of millions of subscribers in China and if Apple is able to strike a deal with the carrier, that would really up it’s profits in 2012.

Image courtesy IvanWalsh

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