New iPod Nano Touch Concept By Enrico Penello

Gadget concepts are abound these days and many of them are lot cooler than the real thing – probably because thinking up an idea requires a lot of creativity and not a lot of production cost. Designer Enrico Penello has now spun out an all new concept of an iPod Touch Nano. And to say the least, it is beautiful and loads better than the actual iPod Nano.

This iPod Nano Touch concept incorporates a whole lot of new features into the device. For instance, the concept brings Wi-Fi, front-facing camera for Face-Time calls and a home button to the design. You are also able to get weather updates and tool a number of other classic apps such as time, music, radio, images and podcasts.

While all those features are very enticing and can make an iPod Nano Touch a totally irresistible device, the design is the actual treat. Recent tech years have proved that people have always fallen for an excellent design, sometimes preferring it over the functionality or performance. In this case, the design is even better than all those features. It is longer and thinner and the design is very nifty and sleek, making it very easy to handle the device in one hand, unlike current iPod Nano.

While it has a bigger screen, the large volume permits a larger battery to go with it. According to Enrico, ‘this concept shows a bigger clip on the back side, a lower black part containing the WiFi antenna, central home button, side volume buttons and on/off top button, making this device really close to our everyday iPhone.’

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