Chrome OS Event Tomorrow

Finally! I got an answer for my friends who have make my life miserable over Chrome OS. Here is your Chrome OS build, made available for download by Jonathan Frederickson.

A more baffling news is that Google is going to host a special event around Chrome OS, three days after Frederickson revealed the first look at Chrome OS and hours after more details about the same came out. The event is scheduled to be held on 6 pm tomorrow at Mountain View offices.

Chrome OS
Chrome OS

The event, called the Front End Engineering Open House, is expected to reveal concrete details about Chrome OS. A presentation on Google Maps is also expected to be delivered.

A variety of Google staff is expected to be present at the event. People involved with Gmail, search, Google Maps and of course Chrome OS are expected to attend.

But, in concrete terms what revelations will be made tomorrow by Google is still a matter of speculation.
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