ComboApp Supports Apple’s Decision To Crack Down On Unethical App Store Marketing

Apple has recently warned the iOS developers that if any developers uses an unethical, artificial means of marketing his app, Apple will ban that developer from App Store permanently. Although Apple has always discouraged the practice, this is a very strict and clear warning to all iOS developers. ComboApp Marketing Agency has now announced that it fully supports Apple’s decision and suggests that all iOS developers must adhere to these directives from Apple.

There have been reports of some iOS developers paying third-party sites to ‘enhance’ their ratings, reviews on the App Store by posting fake reviews and casting fake votes. Apple warned about it earlier and now Apple has sent out a very clear warning in a public announcement.

ComboApp released a statement saying that it fully supports Apple’s position. According to the marketing agency, Apple’s announcement will be critical in pushing the mobile marketplace into an all new era. The agency also views this as a great opportunity because this has now eliminated the competition from dishonest marketers and opened avenues for genuine app marketing agencies such as ComboApp itself. According to ComboApp’s CEO, “We view this is a great opportunity for ComboApp to showcase our methods, and help app developers better distinguish the validity of results attained via creativity and effective outreach over the instant success promised by deceptive marketing measures.”

ComboApp really has a very valid point. Most app developers have been opting for a quick-fix solution to their marketing needs. The fraudulent marketing gurus would mint money from them and post fake reviews and votes. But in the long-run, it harmed the developers. Now that Apple has taken a stand against this, honest marketers can offer genuine services to app developers.

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