Comex & GeoHot Wins Best Client-Side Bug And Best Song Award In Pwnie Awards 2011

Security professionals heading to Black Hat can look forward to the Pwnie Awards, the hacker version of the Academy Awards and the winners of the Pwnie Awards will be announced Aug. 3 at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. Now there is a good news for iPhone hackers that Comex wins best client-side bug award and geohot wins best song award in Pwnie Awards 2011.Comex won for his work with creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in iOS with his jailbreak and congrats to Comex for his win, as his excellent work has been recognized…………….


The Pwnie Awards is an annual awards ceremony celebrating the achievements and failures of security researchers and the security community. The Pwnie Awards have been running for the past 5 years, 2011 being the 5th annual Pwnie Awards ceremony, which is judged by a jury of hackers. This year at the Pwnie awards 2011 a couple familiar faces surfaced as winners at the awards ceremony which happened yesterday (August 3rd). Comex won the award for Best Client-Side Bug for his work on developing JailbreakMe 3.0. Which was a userland Jailbreak for the iOS 4 to iOS 4.3.3 firmware that was used to Jailbreak over 2 million iDevices world wide. We are not surprised one bit that Comex has one such an award and we want to congratulate him and better yet thank him once again for reviving JailbreakMe for the 3rd time. GeoHot was also lucky enough to receive an award this year at the Pwnie Awards and surprisingly it wasn’t an award for hacking the playstation 3. In fact GeoHot’s award wasn’t for any actual hacking. GeoHot won the award for for Best Song. Which in case you missed it, stemmed from GeoHot being sued by Sony. It is nice to see two familiar names who have been apart of the Jailbreaking community winning some awards for their hard work.



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