Control A 12-Foot Tall Rideable Vaudeville Robot With Kinect And Smartphone

The pace of technology has become so amazing that a lot of concepts, which seemed fictional just a while ago, are fast becoming real. Remember the robot you could ride and control in Avatar? Many of us had fantasized to have a similar robot of our own. And now, it would seem that the fantasy is about to become real.

The robot, called Vaudeville, is being created by a Japanese firm. It is a huge 12-foot rideable robot which weighs 4,500 kilograms. You can climb up into the cockpit-like structure and control the robot from there. Microsoft’s motion-sensor device, Kinect, has been integrated to translate your movements on a small device to the overall movements of the robot.

The best part is that you can control your robot even remotely. You don’t essentially have to be in the cockpit to control it. All you will have to do is connect your smartphone to a miniature version of the robot. After that, you can move the miniature version and the 12-foot tall robot will imitate all the movements.

Initially, the machine was supposed to be ready by last winter. However, it seems that the makers are still working on some last points to make it fully functional. As soon as it is ready, Vaudeville will be available for purchase online. Moreover, you can have a number of customized features being added to it for some additional fun. So if you have been one of those who have always wanted to ride a robot, keep a look out on this one.

Source: Suidobashi Heavy Industry

Courtesy: The Verge

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