D10 Conference Will Host Tim Cook As A Lead Speaker

Apple has been shying away from a number of conventional tech-related events in recent years. However, it has been careful not to miss a certain few of them. For instance, Steve Jobs attended the All Things Digital’s conference in the past many years. And now, his successor Tim Cook has also decided to be a speaker at the upcoming D10 Conference which is scheduled for the next month.

Tim Cook has been quite frank and public about his plans regarding Apple. When the media was busy lambasting Apple for the poor worker conditions in the facilities of one of Apple’s major suppliers, Foxconn, Cook was quite determined to defend Apple and prove that Apple had nothing to do with it.

Cook also participated in a conference back in February. It was the Goldman Sachs’ annual Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco. During the conference, Tim Cook elaborated on a number of things including work safety to Apple’s plans regarding the huge amount of cash it has.

While Tim Cook will be a leak speaker at the D10 conference, there is no chance that he will take the occasion to unveil any new release from Apple. Apple has usually pitched up its own events and shows to release any new products. Other companies, though, have used this conference to unveil their plans – for instance, we were able to lay our eyes on an early preview of Windows 8 during the D9 conference. So while we can expect some new releases from other major tech companies, Tim Cook may still drop hints of Apple’s future plans, say the release of the next iPhone.

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