DARPA’s New Drone Flying Along With A 6-foot Claw

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) funded researchers of MLB Company of Santa Clara, California, for making such a drone that would be able to fly along with something from one place to another. And now the U.S. researchers have managed to make an unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) called V-Bat that can carry loads of a 6-foot claw using an extendable arm.

Drone Flying With A 6-foot Claw

This drone V-Bat is able to estimate a target’s position using depth perception, a skill requiring vision and stability. It can fly into air carrying loads of up to one pound using an extendable arm.

Extendable Arm Ready To Clamp

In a demonstration, V-Bat flew in air carrying loads of a 6-foot claw.

Disengage Of UAV

Dan Patt, DARPA program manager, said, “Our goal with the UAV payload emplacement demonstration was to show we could quickly develop and integrate the right technology to make this work. The success of the demonstration further enables the capabilities of future autonomous aerial vehicles.”

Source: DARPA

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