Ericsson Plans On Making Human USB Connection Available By Next Year

You read that right. Ericsson is indeed working on a human USB connection. While most of you may know the company for being a supplier of telecom equipment, which is a fairly accurate perception, Ericsson has been trying to re-brand itself as much more than just that. And this is its latest attempt to do so by spinning out a novelty.

This is, by the way, not something very new. Ericsson’s CEO, Hans Vestberg, did introduced the same human USB connection back at a number of technology events and shows. However, the response of the audience to the new technology has been quite lukewarm, perhaps because they haven’t been able to fully grasp it.

This is how Vestberg presented the first demo of the technology: During CES, he went on to the stage and had sensor for an audio system in one hand and a smartphone in the other. The data signals was able to travel right through his body so that data from smartphone travelled to the audio system through his body and played music! So in essence, his own body became a USB connection.

This is definitely some ground-breaking technology that will turn a lot of heads once we get to see its wider applications. Ericsson is touting it as ‘Connect Me’  and is positively hopeful that by next year, it will be able to bring the technology out in the open and possible available through commercial ventures.

Currently, Ericsson is considering a number of dimensions to explore with this new technology. These range from creating an all-new biometric footprint to pairing with a fingerprint reader and more. It is also talking to different hardware makers to see if it could find a novel application of the technology.

Source: CNET

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