Designer Building A Camera That Can Capture Smell

A camera captures photograph – that’s normal, but a camera captures “smell” instead of capturing picture – isn’t that a bit strange? Designer Amy Radcliffe is working on a project where he is trying to “capture smell” through a camera.


The system Radcliffe is trying to develop is called the ‘Madeleine,’ an “analog odor camera.” Radcliffe’s contraption consists of complex-looking series of tubes connected to ceramic casing. A funnel is placed over the object or environment for capture.

Innovative Scent Camera Prototype-3

From there, the built-in pump sucks the particles that make up the smell and gets absorbed in a porous polymer resin trap. It takes just a couple of minutes to capture a smell. Fainter aromas can take upwards of a full day to capture.

Innovative Scent Camera Prototype-2

After that, Madeleine users would bring his/her exposed resin trap to a specialized lab to have it processed – just like a photographer would bring his exposed film to a lab. The return includes a bronze disk with the formula along with small capsules of the captured scent.

Innovative Scent Camera Prototype-1

Undoubtedly, this is a really interesting alternative method of moment capture. What remains to be seen is if this will reach a state of ubiquity in the future, much like photography has today. Here’s a video for you.

Source: Amy Radcliffe
Thanks To: GizmagPeta Pixel

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