Researchers Developed A Smartglass That Helps Surgeons See Cancerous Cells

Dr Julie Margenthaler Detected Cancerous Cells Using Smartglass

There are many ways to identify/detect/see cancerous cells. But lately, some researchers have developed a smartglass that can help surgeons see cancerous cells easily.

Dr Julie Margenthaler Detected Cancerous Cells Using Smartglass
Dr Julie Margenthaler Detected Cancerous Cells Using Smartglass

Although a study has said that human body just needs better instructions to kill cancer, it is true that when cancer occurs, the affected people go to the hospital or doctor for further treatment. The doctors do many medical tests, check the medical report and finally can tell whether or not the patient do have cancer or cancerous cells within his/her body. But doing this all takes a lot time. Therefore, some researchers from Washington University decided to come up with such a thing that would easily see cancerous cells within a patient’s body in short time or instantly. And that’s when the researchers created a special kind of smartglass.

This smartglass comes with custom software that makes cancerous cells glow blue (molecular imaging agent gives it color) to anyone. Therefore, wearing this smartglass, doctors/surgeons can easily and clearly distinguish affected cancer tissues from their healthy counterparts. So, they won’t be needed to cut out all the tissues. On Feb 10 during a surgery, Dr Julie Margenthaler used this special kind of smartglass and it was successful. Here’s a video for you,

Source: Washington University

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