Digital Slate For Electronic Display

The 21st century kid is more comfortable pressing buttons. A slate for the digital age has been introduced by Kent Displays for that electronic display with a personal touch.

The Boogie Board has a 5.6” x 8.8” screen about the size of the e-book reader, Kindle. Using a stylus or a pointed object, scribbling can be made on the board which appears as green marks on the black background. Users just need to press a button at the top of the board to erase all the marks completely. The battery cannot be replaced but is touted to last for six years with a guarantee.

This electronic board is made of plastic but easy to hold and quite well-built. It can be used as menu boards in cafes and restaurants, notices in shops, or messages on the fridge. However, the display can be rather dim unless complemented with effective lighting. There is also no feature to save the displays on the board, nor to hang the Boogie Board on the wall except with the help of some magnet accessories for sale separately. An electronic board which is thin and compact, durable, user-friendly and energy-saving is the way to post messages in the future.

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