Disney Takes Touch Sensor Technology To An All-New Level With Its ‘Touché’

A number of sophisticated and advanced touch sensor technologies are making their way into the tech world. While some of these are already being incorporated into touchscreen devices, many are still in the realm of research. One such technology has now been unveiled by Disney Research. Called ‘Touche’, it is able to turn different objects such as furnitures into touch-sensitive objects.

So hows does this magical sounding technology work? Well…in normal touch sensor technology that is often deployed in touchscreens in smartphones, tablets and other devices, the touch-sensitive surface detects only one frequency at a time. For instance, either a user touches a surface or he doesn’t.

However,  Touché is able to detect a whole range of frequencies simultaneously. With the help of this, for instance, Touché can be used to convert a real 3D object into a touch-sensitive object.

According to Disney, “This allows to significantly enhances touch interaction in a broad range of applications, from enhancing conventional touchscreens to designing interaction scenarios for unique use contexts and materials. For example, in our explorations we added complex touch and gesture sensitivity not only to computing devices and everyday objects, but also to the human body and liquids. Importantly, instrumenting objects and material with touch sensitivity is easy and straightforward: a single wire is sufficient to make objects and environments touch and gesture sensitive.”

Disney didn’t detail, though, that where does it plan to implement this technology or that when can we expect a public manifestation of Touché. If you are interested in reading up the details of this technology and the exact details as to how this happens, you may want to read the research paper about it.

Source: Disney Research

Courtesy: The Verge

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