US Navy Successfully Fires Missiles From A Sea Drone For The First Time

We keep hearing about aerial drones, which are unmanned aerial vehicles, from time to time. However, there hasn’t been any mention of ‘sea drones’ until now. Apparently, the U.S. Navy has been preparing such water-borne drones and has now successfully tested an 11-meter long missile-firing sea drone.

Sea drone

Aerial drones, naturally, have a lot of uses and can be used to precisely hit targets. Sea drones, on the other hand, will have to launch a missile from the sea level which can be an obvious disadvantage.

Nonetheless, sea drones can still have a lot of uses in that these can be used to monitor and guard certain regions in the water. The U.S. Navy recently tested a sea drone just off the shore of Maryland. The drone was unmanned and remote-controlled, and it was used to successfully launch a number of missiles.

In the past, sea drones have been used to weed out any mines in the path of submarines but they hadn’t been used for launching missile until this test. Authorities believe that such sea drones which are equipped with missiles or similar other weaponry can be effective in thwarting minor threats in the seas such as pirates.

Rather than deploying actual Navy personnel or using ships which have other uses, the Navy can simply deploy such drones to ensure that if pirates or any other threats surface, it can take swift and effective action against those. You can watch the video below to see the missile-firing sea drone in action.

Source: Rafael
Courtesy: Engadget

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