Dolby Labs And Philips Collaborate To Create Glasses-Free 3D in HD

In today’s world, we have to put on those pesky glasses to view the stunning 3D world of graphics. However, imagine a time when we don’t have to use any glasses and still be able to see the 3D graphics on our screens in HD! That is precisely what Dolby Labs and Philips have collaborated to create. The technology, which is pretty amazing, is being named Dolby 3D.

The most amazing thing about this new Dolby 3D technology is that it would enable you to view HD content in 3D right on your home-screens, say laptops! Dolby is no stranger to the realm of 3D. It is the same company which helped create the 3D revolution which swept the world off its feet with its very-real graphics.

Now, Dolby Labs and Philips have collaborated to bring this technology out of the cinema and take it to TVs, laptops and smartphone screens. Dolby 3D is a new format in itself which actually optimizes the video for different screen sizes. Moreover, the technology also upgrades such videos who are half-resolution 3D to high-resolution videos.

What Dolby aims at accomplishing through this is to offer a very 3D experience in high definition to such users who choose to use Dolby 3D devices. Naturally, this is a huge attraction for the OEMs as well as smartphone and tablet vendors and we can expect it to instantly click with them. However, the venture is still to result in an actual hardware which can display the glasses-free 3D.

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