Plastic Logic Demos First Flexible E-Paper Display To Play Color Video

Flexible electronic paper (e-paper) technology has touched another milestone – it can now play videos. A UK based company named Plastic Logic has demonstrated color video playback on flexible e-paper. The claimed it to be the first example of an organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) based e-paper playing video. This is definitely a major breakthrough in display technology, and proves that the energy-efficient eye-friendly flexible e-paper technologies would extend far beyond their monochrome predecessors.

The frame rate of the videos playable on Plastic Logic’s flexible e-paper display is only 12 frames per second, fairly low compared to standard video frame rates. But it is good enough for simple video clips and flash videos. But, it should also be noted that the display consumes less power, even when playing video, compared to same sized LCD displays with backlight. You can watch a short video of the demonstration below.

With improvements in the technology flexible e-paper displays (EPD) may replace our present display panels in future.

Source: TechWorld

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