Dropbox Offers Up To 25GB Free Storage, Warns Users Not To Use Illegitimate Methods

Dropbox is the true sensation in the world of cloud storage services. The company can perhaps be credited with making cloud-storage a mainstream concept. Till now, Dropbox has been offering 2GB of free storage to users. However, now the company announced that users who would avail the service through HTC Sense will get up to 25 GB of free storage. But then, other non-HTC users invented a method to avail this offer too.

HTC Sense users who log in to their dropbox using the device can avail legitimate 25 GB of free space. But as soon as the offer was made by Dropbox, other users started looking for ways to circumvent the condition of using a HTC Sense device. As a result, an easy hack was found which enabled non-HTC users to avail the offer too. The method was also circulated on the well known developer forum, XDA.

However, Dropbox was quick to respond to this and said that any users who were adopting the illegal method of acquiring free storage will be revoked of the free space. In fact, few users who had acquired the space illegally eventually did report that they had been bereaved of it. According to Dropbox, ‘The method to earn 23GB that is being circulated on the XDA Developers forum and on other blogs and forums is illegitimate. We plan to remove any space received using this method.’

However, an excellent incentive that Dropbox has introduced for all users now is that for every referral, a user can get twice the free space Dropbox offered earlier. The company posted on its blog, ‘For every friend you invite that installs Dropbox, you’ll both get 500 MB of free space. If you’ve got a free account, you can invite up to 32 people for a whopping total of 16 GB of extra space. Pro accounts now earn 1 GB per referral, for a total of 32 GB of extra space.’

This is definitely an enticing offer for the users since a lot of users are flocking to the cloud storage service and current users can make a lot of..well, free storage space out of it.

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