Elon Musk and his New Project- Free WiFi for Everyone on Planet Earth

Elon Musk is all about creating revolutionary projects. Remember the time when he was rumored to be the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto-the founder of Bitcoin? We don’t know if the propaganda was true. But what we do know is, Elon is now publicly undertaking an ambitious project of building worldwide satellite internet system. SpaceX has already submitted the plan to the Federal Communications Commission and now is waiting for approval.

SpaceX Free Wi-Fi

The image you see above was tweeted out by Elon Musk on February 6th, 2018. The Falcon Heavy spacecraft took a Tesla Roadster as its payload. Since the launch, the payload is roaming around in the free space, destined to reach the orbit of Mars.

SpaceX Free Wi-Fi

The same guy is planning to give free Wi-Fi to everyone in the world. Pretty ambitious don’t you think? Well, this man has accomplished some pretty amazing things in the past. He founded, Testa Cars, PayPal, and SolarCity, SpaceX.

Elon Musk and his 4,000 Satellites

Free Wi-Fi

Elon Musk is planning to connect the world to uninterrupted internet connection by deploying somewhat 4,000 low-orbit satellites into space. He is undertaking the project through his company SpaceX. SpaceX has already revealed the initial framework for the plan back in January. It has submitted the plan to the Federal Communications Commission and is now waiting for approval.

It will be a great milestone in the tech industry if the plan is approved. As people can stay connected to the internet from any place on the planet. The Worldwide Satellite Internet system will come with many blessing. Big companies can get rid of their hardware and store all their files online. People living in non-developed countries will have more access to education. But it also comes with a price. Launching 4,000 satellites will require Billions of dollars. In addition to that, the company will need to employ thousands of employees to accomplish the impossible. After approval, the company will need five years to get it operational.

SpaceX Free Wi-Fi

Tech Giants are Catching Up

Many other companies are also running the race. Tech Giants Google, Samsung, Amazon have already expressed their interest towards working with Space technologies. But what puts SpaceX at the first is its past progress and success in the industry. SpaceX has already developed hardware & software for space exploration. It also has a dedicated number of people working for it.

This is not the first time people are doubting the feasibility of Elon’s plans. When he first introduced the idea of reusable spacecraft, so many people questioned its viability. But he succeeded. Only time will tell if Elon can successfully pull off his next big project.

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